Introductory course:
Content: lectures with online inclusion, without recording
About the course
The course of lectures on Gestalt therapy from leading experts of the world Gestalt community, unique in its content and execution, is designed for therapists of different directions.

1) who wants to get acquainted with the method;
2) to advance in the practice;
3) get experience from representatives of the global Gestalt community;

And also for those who are open to new knowledge and want to learn what Gestalt therapy is and what it is based on, for the purpose of their personal development.

The acquired knowledge, after passing this course, will allow therapists of different directions to understand whether they want to learn the method in depth and professionally, and for those who took the course for research and development of themselves - to better understand themselves and their processes.

Advantages of the course
The online format:
Allows participants from different cities and countries to participate in the program.
Convenient schedule:
All lectures will be held in the evening once a week, so as not to distract you from work and study.
Аccording to international standards:
A unique opportunity to gain experience of interaction with leading therapists of the international Gestalt community.
Russian and English + italian
All lectures will be delivered with simultaneous translation into Russian.
All students who have completed the full course of lectures will receive a certificate of CIGTFP (the institute is an associate member of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy).
Check out our program and sign up. The course program
Program organizer:

Caucasian Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy (CIGTFP).
Sofia Verulashvili - President of the Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists (Georgia), General Director of the Caucasus Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy, Vice-President of the Association of Gestalt Therapists of Georgia.

Program Coordinators:

Psychological project "Talk to me"
Mikhail Ruchko - Psychologist, Gestalt practitioner, leader of therapeutic groups
Nigina Abayeva - Psychologist, gestalt therapist, leader of therapeutic groups, project manager

We have the best team of teachers

Project "Talk to me"

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Caucasian Institute of Gestalt Therapy and Family Psychotherapy
Phone number: +995599257972 (What's App; Viber)
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